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Everything you need to make a stellar meal during your stay. BBQ? Charcuterie? Dinner Party? Packed lunch on the go. We’ve got you! Dietary restrictions? We’ve got you there too with GF, Vegan, DF and Plant based options.

Fresh Produce

Bread, Buns &GF

Snacks & Sodas

Charcuterie Goodies

Baking Necessities

Ice Cream & Desserts

Kombucha & Tonics

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Stop by to pick up your choice of our large selection of Beer, Wine & Spirits! We carry popular national and local brands for every occasion.

Local & National Brews

Wide Variety of Spirits

Wine Wine Wine

Drink Fixings

Ciders & Hard Beverages

Non- Alcoholic Sips

Other Goods

Along with our abundance of food and drinks, The Genny also has everyday items, camping, and fishing gear. You can also pick up your DNR fishing license. We truly are a one stop shop!

DNR Fishing Licenses




Health & Beauty Aides

Local Merch & Gifts

Pet Supplies